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Grenoble Road Development (LP 2034)

The  SODC emerging Local Plan 2034 includes proposal to build housing on the Green Belt land south of Grenoble Road within Sandford-on-Thames Parish as well as many other areas also in the Green Belt.

Developments affecting the progress of the emerging Local Plan 2034 may be seen in the list of documents below.

The Plan may be viewed here. The pages most relevant to Sandford-on-Thames are 60-65 and maps on p 263 and p 272 (showing the proposed Park and Ride)

The response period closed on 18.2.19 and the Local Plan was sent to the Government Inspectors along with the responses by the end of March 2019. The response submitted by Sandford on Thames Parish Council may be viewed below.

The Inspectorate returned the Plan to the SODC along with its comments and an Examination in Public allowing those who had previously responded to the Plan to address points raised by the Inspectors was carried out (on line rather than in person) over July-August 2020. The inspector subsequently wrote to the council giving the go ahead to all the strategic housing site allocations including Grenoble Road despite the Green Belt status of these sites. The inspector also agreed that South Oxfordshire should provide 4,950 homes to help meet Oxford City's unmet housing need. The inspector's letter may be viewed below.

Sandford-on-Thames PC presented its responses in relation to Grenoble Road in the permitted fields as may be seen below.

Following the examination hearings, the Planning Inspector asked South Oxfordshire District Council to prepare a ‘Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications’ to the plan.  The schedule reflects the modifications, or changes, that the Inspector considers necessary to make the plan sound before it can move to the adoption stage. These were the only changes that could be made to the plan at this stage. You can find out more by visiting our Local Plan webpage Another public consultation on these modifications closed on 2nd November and Sandford-on-Thames PC submitted the comments below.

SODC are now charged under a Direction from the government to proceed to formal adoption of the Plan by the end of December. 

Sandford on Thames Parish Council response to Local Plan submitted via SODC's online form

Comments from SoT PC on SODC Local Plan Main Modifications Oct 20.pdf File Uploaded: 18 November 2020 322.1 KB FINAL South Local Plan Main Mods poster.pdf File Uploaded: 21 September 2020 813.8 KB IC12 - Inspector's Preliminary Conclusions Letter 28.08.20.pdf File Uploaded: 3 September 2020 160.4 KB Presentation by SoT PC on infrastructure issues affecting Grenoble Road site File Uploaded: 9 September 2020 154.6 KB Presentation by SoT PC on removing Grenoble Road site from Green Belt File Uploaded: 9 September 2020 205.8 KB SODC Local Plan EIP - Hearing Statement Matter 13 26 Jun 20.pdf File Uploaded: 27 June 2020 149.4 KB Sandford PC re LP34 Examination.pdf File Uploaded: 8 June 2020 143.8 KB Email response and exchange John Howell, MP with Parish Council Feb 2020.pdf File Uploaded: 14 February 2020 99.8 KB Letter from Chair of PC to Minister cc John Howell, MP File Uploaded: 14 February 2020 75.3 KB Email Sandford-on-Thames PC to OCC rep re OCC meeting 11.2.29.pdf File Uploaded: 10 February 2020 74.6 KB SODC response to Secretary of State of 17th January.pdf File Uploaded: 8 February 2020 222.5 KB Letter 7.1.20 from Secretary of State for Housing to SODC about tranferring authority for emerging Local Plan 2034 to OCC.pdf File Uploaded: 8 February 2020 1.9 MB Current status of Local Plan 2034 under the new Council File Uploaded: 12 August 2019 173 KB On Oxfordshire 2050 Plan: organised by CRPE File Uploaded: 12 August 2019 13.8 KB Sandford PC online reponse to South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2034.pdf File Uploaded: 26 February 2019 213.8 KB