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Parish Council Meetings

Where:  Parish Council meetings are held upstairs in meeting room 2 of the Village Hall in Henley Road. NB Parish meetings from March 2020 are being held virtually via video conference while government restrictions are in force during the Covid 19 pandemic. Agenda and minutes will be available to the public on this website as below.

Parishioners are always welcome to attend meetings but are not allowed to take part unless invited. If anyone would like to attend or raise an issue at a meeting, please email the Parish Clerk in advance: sandfordparish@gmail.com

 When: Meetings are normally held at 6.30pm on the first Monday of the month unless that should fall on a Bank Holiday when the meeting will be held on the following Monday. The Annual Parish Council Meeting is normally held on the second Monday in May. The Annual Parish Meeting for 2020 has been cancelled until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. The date for the monthly parish meeting is displayed on the parish notice boards, either on the agenda notice or on the draft minutes of the last meeting held. There are two parish notice boards, one at the top of Church Road and one opposite Janaway in Heyford Hill Lane by the post box.

The agenda for each meeting is posted on this website below approximately a week before each meeting and the draft minutes are posted soon after, replaced by the approved minutes following the next PC meeting.


What: The meetings follow a set formula as published in the posted agenda. The minutes of the previous meeting are agreed and any matters raised from them discussed. There is a slot allocated for our County and District Councillors who attend if they have matters of concern to Sandford.  The main items on the agenda follow and then any new Planning Applications in the parish are discussed. The income and expenditure for the past month are noted and then councillors are asked whether there is any item they wish to mention which has come about since the agenda was published. No decision may be made on an item not previously tabled on the agenda because councillors need notice to make an informed decision.

Current and previous minutes

PC Minutes Jan 2021.pdf File Uploaded: 2 February 2021 156.3 KB PC Minutes Dec 2020.pdf File Uploaded: 9 January 2021 163.5 KB PC Minutes Nov 2020.pdf File Uploaded: 9 January 2021 156.6 KB PC Minutes Oct 2020.pdf File Uploaded: 18 November 2020 160.8 KB PC Minutes Sept 2020.pdf File Uploaded: 12 October 2020 171.1 KB PC Minutes July 2020.pdf File Uploaded: 9 September 2020 206.4 KB PC Minutes June 2020.pdf File Uploaded: 13 July 2020 158.9 KB PC Minutes May 2020.pdf File Uploaded: 7 June 2020 167.2 KB PC Minutes April 2020.pdf 167.2 Bytes PC Minutes March 2020.pdf File Uploaded: 19 April 2020 155.7 KB PC Minutes Feb 2020.pdf File Uploaded: 5 March 2020 148.8 KB PC Minutes Jan 2020.pdf File Uploaded: 8 February 2020 151.3 KB PC Minutes Dec 2019.pdf File Uploaded: 16 January 2020 161.4 KB PC Minutes Nov 2019.pdf File Uploaded: 8 December 2019 166.1 KB PC Minutes Oct 2019.pdf File Uploaded: 6 November 2019 157.4 KB PC Minutes Sept 2019.pdf File Uploaded: 13 October 2019 276.7 KB PC minutes July 2019.pdf File Uploaded: 4 September 2019 302.5 KB PC minutes June 2019.pdf File Uploaded: 10 July 2019 222 KB PC AGM minutes May 2019.pdf File Uploaded: 12 June 2019 146.9 KB PC minutes April 2019.pdf File Uploaded: 16 May 2019 274.3 KB Minutes PC meeting March 2019.pdf File Uploaded: 4 April 2019 163.4 KB Final PC minutes Feb 2019.pdf File Uploaded: 6 March 2019 151.9 KB Final PC minutes Jan 2019.pdf File Uploaded: 5 February 2019 197.8 KB PC minutes Dec 2018.pdf File Uploaded: 11 January 2019 168.4 KB PC minutes Nov 2018.docx.pdf File Uploaded: 5 December 2018 158.3 KB PC minutes Oct 2018.pdf File Uploaded: 26 November 2018 236.8 KB PC minutes final Sept 2018.pdf File Uploaded: 5 October 2018 166.9 KB PCminutes July 2018.pdf File Uploaded: 29 September 2018 163.6 KB PCminutes 1718.pdf File Uploaded: 23 May 2018 753.2 KB PCminutes 1617.pdf File Uploaded: 5 July 2017 528.3 KB PCminutes1516.pdf File Uploaded: 5 July 2017 406.3 KB PCminutes1415.pdf File Uploaded: 5 July 2017 311.2 KB PCminutes1314.pdf File Uploaded: 5 July 2017 505.4 KB