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Oxfordshire Growth Plan

The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 identifies broad areas for economic growth and residential development up to the year 2050. Comments were invited soon after its release and the Parish Council submitted its response on 25.3.19, available below. 

The Council for the Rural Protection of England sent the following email in May 2021:

This summer will establish the direction of Oxfordshire for the next generation.

The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 will define the development strategy for the county for the next three decades, including both the quality and quantity of housing and the broad locations for growth.

Time to take action
This is our best, and possibly only, opportunity to influence development in Oxfordshire over the next 30 years – don’t miss it!  Waiting until actual planning applications come forward is too late – we need your help engaging now as policy is formed, so that we can give our countryside the best chance for the future.

CPRE Oxfordshire has prepared an Oxfordshire Plan 2050 briefing, attached, to help you engage and get involved in planning the future of Oxfordshire. 
E: | | Twitter@CPREOxfordshire


In response to this, Councillor Charlie Wilson wrote the comments below on behalf of Sandford-on-Thames PC and these were submitted.