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Council Members


Name Column 2 Column 3 Column 4

Peter Emery

Chair of Parish Council

Michael Whitlock

Vice-chair of Parish Council

Julie Anderson

Parish Clerk

Peter Addyman 

Parish Councillor

Charlie Wilson

Parish Councillor

Daniel Tarzey

Parish Councillor

Andrew Glynn 

Parish Councillor

Vacancy for Parish Councillor

District Councillor (for Sandford-on-Thames and the Wittenhams)

Sam Casey-Rerhaye 

County Councillor

Lorraine Lindsay-Gale

M.P. for Henley Ward including Sandford-on-Thames

John Howell


If you wish to contact a Parish Councillor please do so via the Clerk:

The Sandford on Thames Parish Council has seven members. Local elections are held every four years at which all members must stand down although they can put their names forward for re-election if they wish. If an election fails to supply seven councillors then the vacancies may be filled by co-option. Parish Council Elections were held on 2nd May 2019. The number of candidates for Sandford-on-Thames was equal to the number of vacancies so the election was uncontested.  Every year the Chairperson of the Parish Council is elected to post by a majority vote in the council. The Chair presides at and manages the business of meetings, making sure that decisions are lawful, minutes signed and that all may speak who wish to. The Chair is usually the public face of the council and will represent the council at civic events or when speaking to the media. By custom, Sandford also elects a Vice Chair. The clerk is known in law as the ‘proper officer’ and in Sandford is also the Responsible Financial Officer. The clerk is responsible for the agenda and minutes and takes instructions from the council – not individual councillors – and is then responsible for implementing them and advising the council. The council depends on the clerk for legal, procedural and financial advice and for guidance on the planning system and other aspects of local government.

Parish Council meetings occur monthly, usually the first Monday of the month at 6.30pm in the Village Hall Shatford Room. The clerk posts and agenda on this website and the notice board at the top of Church Road  about a week before each meeting and the draft minutes are posted about a week after each meeting. Parish Council minutes are available on this link.

Parish Council meetings are attended in whole of in part by the District Councillor for Sandford-on-Thames and The Wittenhams. On 2nd May 2019, Ms Sam Casey-Rerhaye was elected, standing for the Green Party. The District Councillor provides a written report for each council meeting on South Oxfordshire District Council activities. 

The meetings are also attended in part by the County Councillor representative who provides a written report for each meeting on County Council activities.

The written SODC and OCC reports may be viewed via this link.

Both District and County Councillors form a link with parish councils and will raise parish queries and issues with their respective Councils/Departments.

Local residents and other interested parties may attend the Parish Council meetings but not engage in discussions unless invited to do so. However, once a year in May, there is a public Annual Parish Meeting in which members of the public may speak to comment, make enquiries or raise issues. See the meeting dates page.  

Sandford on Thames Parish Council Parish Council