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Possible new gravel pit

May 2020:

This development has been shelved by OCC after it was found that the estimated gravel on the site was significantly less than previously calculated making it uneconomic to proceed. Instead, alternative sites will be investigated. This is obviously welcome news for all those who appreciate the tranquillity of the site and were keen to avoid detrimental heavy goods vehicles adding to the local traffic problems but it may mean other communities and another piece of rural Oxfordshire elsewhere may be threatened by the OCC Minerals Policy (which in turn is required by central government for infrastructure development within the county and its surroundings).



The latest threat to our local environment comes from Oxfordshire County Council's Minerals and Waste Local Plan.

The only new quarry site in South Oxfordshire to be proposed in this Plan is one in Nuneham Courtenay/Sandford border and alongside the east bank of an exceptionally peaceful stretch of the River Thames. It will damage the local flora and fauna and it is also in the Nuneham Park area, a Grade 1 listed building and park and with a Grade 1 listed view which this quarry will interrupt. There are major problems with the site itself – archaeological remains going back to Roman times and earlier, ancient burial sites, and it is also very close to some houses in Lower Farm Road. Of course, the traffic generated is likely to  be extremely disruptive to Sandford and Nuneham Courtenay village which is already subject to excessive traffic.

Minerals and Waste Local Plan site allocations consultation

The site allocation is currently open for consultation until 4th March 2020 but there is an extension for another 7-10 days beyond this. 

If you wish to respond or see more, please visit https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/sites/default/files/file/planning-minerals-and-waste/OMWLP_SiteAllocationsFINALPLAN.pdf

There is a Response Form contains all the questions in the Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Part 2 - Site Allocations (Draft Sites Plan), which should be read alongside it.This is a lengthy and technical form but it is not essential to use it. However, OCC say below that "If you are unable to use this form, we will accept comments by email or post."

If you are sending a response to the FREEPOST address, please make sure you write “MWPlans” in the top left hand corner of the envelope to make sure it reaches us.