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The Proposed Expressway

This new page (from October 2018)  is to help local residents stay updated about the proposed Oxford to Cambridge Expressway and outline how you can be involved.

Oxfordshire in general and Sandford-on-Thames in particular stand to be adversely affected by the proposed new motorway and more than doubling of the the current number of houses in the county. The specific route of the road (and hence the new housing developments and towns) has yet to be decided by the Government so now is the time to influence the decision makers and exercise your right to the local democratic processes. This could mean writing to our MP, our local councils, taking to social media and/or signing the petition link here: https://www.change.org/p/oxfordshire-growth-board-rethink-oxfordshire-s-economic-growth-plan

The attached documents give more information about what is proposed and the grounds for opposing this large-scale development. The Expressway Alliance Group (EAG) is spearheading this opposition and coordinating the response to the threat in South Oxfordshire. Sandford- on -Thames Parish Council has joined this group.

No Expressway Alliance is a group opposed to the Expressway being built anywhere in Oxfordshire and this Parish Council is a member of this group too. Their website is  www.noexpresswayalliance.org 

The NEA website includes are studies, analysis and background information for you to use when writing submissions to consultations or to your MP, councillor or council. This includes persuading them to join the No Expressway Alliance, in the case of groups.

Groups should also feel free to use the resources available, for example in strengthening group websites. If you have anything you would like us to include in the NEA web site please do send it to me for consideration at: hazeldawe5@gmail.com