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The Proposed Expressway now cancelled

18th March

´╗┐Hello to all...


Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps has today announced the cancellation of the OxCam Expressway project - see link above to the official announcement.


It’s wonderful news, which seemed an impossible aim when EAG started 4 years ago at that initial meeting in Cuddesdon... and I wanted to thank all of the EAG committee and all of the people in our 44 member parishes across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and beyond for all the hard work over the 4-year campaign.  


 I can’t think of any other major road project which local efforts have managed to overturn...


A key statement in the Government announcement gave the reason for the cancellation as, quote:-

  • extensive analysis and local engagement reveals the expressway would not be cost-effective for the taxpayer “


This confirms what EAG had heard from Highways: apparently the 30+ detailed reports on key wildlife / heritage sites which we sent in from member parishes had such an impact on construction and mitigation costs, the project became unaffordable.


To all the members across the county who worked so hard gathering this information, and to the supporters whose funding helped pay for the professional wildlife & environment surveys, thank you so much: the county, its wildlife and all lovers of our open spaces owe you a huge debt of thanks.

With my best regards to everyone - hopefully from April 12th we can get back to enjoying our unspoilt countryside!

Peter Rutt

Chair, EAG